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Being in the heart of the historic region Göreme has many important attractions.  Although the geological wonders known as Fairy Chimneys are the most well known attraction, and these are best seen through the nearby Open Air Museum, there are in fact many other interesting things in and around our town.

With the excellent transport facilities available it is easy to reach those places which are outside of walking distance, and a bus or taxi can soon take you to many nearby things.

  • Hike the Red and Rose Valleys and see many homes and churches in Fairy Chimneys on your own without a guide. Other valleys in the area are the Love and the Pigeon valleys, each with it's own distinctive feel though sharing the common themes of the area.
  • Visit the underground city of Derinkuyu.  There is another underground city at Kaymakli though Derinkuyu is by far the deepest with over 7 levels digging into the earth, though Kaymakli makes claim to being the widest.  These are truely historic structures which go back to the time of the Hittites and have been expanded many times over the centuries as new inhabitents used them for shelter, and as a refuge from persecution.  More like an "air raid shelter" than a city for occupation they nevertheless have many things like stables, water wells and many rooms showing they are intended for extended use.

Many tours are available to visit the city though it is also possible to go on your own.   Located just 35 km south of Goreme on the D765 road through the plains it is about an hour drive if you take a car or taxi.  But if you wish to use the bus then it is necessary to go via Nevsehir which will make the trip twice as long.

It is best to visit during the early morning, being finished by 11:00 as this when the area becomes hotter and of course is more busy as tours start to arrive.

  • Selime Monastery is a 13th century Christian Monetary built into the ground and hills south of Göreme.  Normally included on the Green Route tours it can be visited on its own. Be prepared for some athletic climbing of the steep rock steps if you wish to fully explore the wonders of this site.


  • Zemi Valley  is one of the major hiking routes of the southern part of the Göreme area, well signposted and with moderate difficulty it is acceptable for children though all should wear good hiking footwear.


  • Visit nearby Uçhisar with more climbable rock chimneys, expect to pay a modest entry fee of about 5TL.  While at this town stop and sample the local wines which are well known in the region, any wine merchant will be able to offer a wine tasting.  Visit in the evening to also watch the sunset from the castle.

Passabag, Dervent Valley, Zelve Open Air museum

Avanos for pottery demonstrations