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The Fairy Chimneys

Looking like something from a Han Christian Anderson fairy story it is easy to understand how the natural geological formations around Göreme have been named Fairy Chimneys, whether you see them in bright sunlight of summer or in the earie glow of a snow swept winter they seem otherworldly and not at all of this place or time.

Yet in fact they are an entirely natural structure, and are now used by locals and tourists alike as buildings makes them all the more special.  Seeing stairways and windows cut into the natural structures, blending styles of stone work architecture that could be from 1,000 years ago with modern needs causes unique shapes to be developed.

While the geological process that produce the Fairy Chimneys, also known as hoodoo in geology, are not unique to Turkey it is here around Göreme that the most beautiful are found.

Many of the best examples are of course found in the Open Air Museum here in Göreme.

Due to their height and the age of the structures it is not possible to safely visit and view all types of structures from the ground. 

Therefore it is very popular to take aerial tours of the region using Hot Air Balloons as these allow you to silently enjoy the chimneys without walking or danger.

Today the structures are used as houses, restaurants, hotels and as seen here, police stations.