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Hot Air Balloon Tours

The most popular attraction on Göreme is of course the Hot Air Balloon Tours over the open air museum and other Fairy Chimneys of the region. With such an amazing landscape, but all very vertical, it is hard to really appreciate them without seeing them from the air, and the peace and gentleness of a balloon is perfect to enjoy this surreal experience.

Tours of various lengths are available from all the tour operators in the region and they can easily be booked via your hotel if you are staying in the town.

Of all the experiences in Göreme this is the one that our visitors remember the most and appreciate and tell their friends about.

As with any ballooning experience it is best done early in the morning, before the sun has become too hot and disturbs the calm air.

With the vary reliable weather of Cappadocia it is always a good day for a Balloon Ride!  website